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The best Bachata Festivals in 2024

You don’t know which festivals to attend in 2024?
Here you can discover our proposal.
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What to expect from a Bachata Festival?

At a Bachata festival,
you’ll learn from top-notch instructors,
dance with people from all over the world, and create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, there’s something for everyone.

Not only will you have the opportunity to perfect your Bachata technique,
but you’ll also get to try new styles
and dance with people from different cultures.

It’s the perfect chance to expand your dance repertoire and make new friends.

But most importantly,
a Bachata festival is all about having fun.

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who share your passion for music and dance,
creating an atmosphere of joy and positivity.

A bachataFestival video is worth a thousand words

Latest info about upcoming Bachata festivals

  • Copenhagen Bachata Congress
    Copenhagen Bachata Congress 2024 🗓 When: 6th December – 8th December 2024🌐 Where: Copenhagen, Denmark📍 Location: Rabarbervej 2, 2400 København, Denmark🎟 Buy your tickets with a discount here  Copenhagen or in Danish København derives from Køpmannæhafn, which translates to ‘merchant’s harbour’. Do you … Read more
  • Bachaturo Poland Festival 2024
    Bachaturo Poland Festival 2024 🗓 When: 16th August – 18th August 2024🌐 Where: Katowice, Poland📍 Location: plac Sławika i Antalla 1, 40-163 Katowice, Poland🎟 Buy your tickets with a discount here – PROMO CODE: bachatafests One of the Gran Slams of the Bachata Festivals.Same … Read more
  • Kos Bachata King Festival 2024
    Kos Bachata King Festival 2024 🗓 When: 6th September – 15th September 2024🌐 Where: Kos, Greece📍 Location: Odyssea Elyti, Kos 853 00, Greece🎟 Buy your tickets with a discount here – PROMO CODE: FESTS567 The Greek version of Rovinj is here.And you know what?It … Read more
  • Bucharest Latin Congress 2024
    Bucharest Latin Congress 2024 🗓 When: 21st June – 24th June 2024🌐 Where: Bucharest, Romania📍 Location: Bulevardul Mărăști 65-67, București 011465, Romania🎟 Buy your tickets with a discount here  Why choose when you can have both?If you are a lover of both Bachata … Read more
  • World Bachata Meet Up! 2024
    World Bachata Meet Up! 2024 🗓 When: 22nd November – 24th November 2024 🌐 Where: Warsaw, Poland📍 Location: To be confirmed “Probably the festival with the highest dancing level per m2 that I have been” This was in one of the … Read more


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