Bachata classes in Warsaw Poland

Are you planning to learn bachata in Warsaw,
but you don’t know where to go?
This post is for you.

Discover the best places to learn bachata in the capital of Poland.

You may be wondering if Warsaw is a good place to learn bachata.
Yes, or as they would say in Polish TAK.

Warsaw, after Barcelona,
is probably the second-best city in Europe to learn bachata dancing.

There, people may not have so much of “that bachata feeling”,
as you can see in other cities such as
Barcelona or Madrid where people have it inside.

However, when it comes to the bachata technique,
people in Warsaw are the most technical dancers you can find in Europe.

In Warsaw,
there are three main schools that are teaching bachata:
Abra Studio, Salsa Libre and Salsa Clasica.


In Salsa Libre, they have bachata classes for beginners but also for,r intermediate and advanced students.

In addition to bachata couple classes, they have also solo classes for men- and lady-styling, footwork, and body movement.

It is a true Latin dance paradise since in addition to bachata you can learn salsa, zouk, acrobatics, mambo, samba, Cuban son, timba, and Afro-Cuban.  bachata isn’t the only Latin-style dance you can learn there.

In this dance school,
you will never get bored since they also organize different types of intensive courses and even dance trips to Latin America!

Prices in Salsa Libre

If you are in town only for a short period or for some reason don’t want to get a multi-card or a monthly pass,
you will have to pay 45zl for a single class, which is around 9,5 euros.

With a 4-time card, you pay 33zl for one class which is around 7 euros.

With an 8- time card the price of a single class is reduced to 37zl, which is around 7,8 euros.

In case you’re already addicted to dancing,
and want to dance multiple times a week, you might want to get a monthly membership that gives you access to all the weekly classes for 399zl (84,5€).

In all the schools you can use multisport and other types of benefit cards, and with those, the prices of the single classes go down to 10zl.

Location Salsa Libre:

Żelazna 59, Warszawa, 2nd floor.

In case the door from the street is closed, ring 202 on the door phone and they’ll let you in. 


Abra Studio is also located in the city centre, and it’s full of great instructors who will take care of your technique, styling, and partner work.

In Abra Studio you will find bachata classes and workshops for everyone from a beginner level to a pre-master level.

Some of the classes (like the pre-masters) are for closed groups, so you might want to check before entering which classes are suitable for your level and also open for walk-in students.

From Abra’s schedule,
you will also find other Latin-style dances like salsa, zouk, sexy dance, kizomba, tango, and Brazilian samba.

From Abra’s schedule,
you can find a variety of Latin dance classes like bachata, salsa, zouk and kizomba.

Here you can also learn tango, semba and Brazilian samba.

They also offer classes in hip-hop, jazz, high heels, afro house, booty dance fusion, and adult ballet.

On Mondays, Abra Studio organizes an open Bachata and Salsa practice from 22.15 until 1.00. The entrance is 10zl.

An extra bonus:
They also sell ice cream at the reception 🍦

Prices in Abra Studio:

The price of a single class is 50zl, which is around 10,5e.

With a 4-time card, you’ll pay 35zl for one class, which is around 7.5euros.

With an 8-time card, the price of a single class is 40zl, which is around 8.5euros.

With their monthly VIP pass,
which costs 450zl (95euros), you can attend all their weekly classes for 30 days.

They have other types of passes too for special classes and courses, you can check those out from their website.

Location Abra Studio:

Al. Jana Pawła II 11, Warsaw.
Take the elevator to the first floor and you’re there.


In Salsa Clasica you can find bachata, salsa and zouk classes from beginner to advanced levels.

They have both couple and solo classes,
so no matter if you are looking to improve your own styling and footwork, or learn how to follow and lead new cool combinations, this is your place to be.

The school is owned by the successful dance couple
Grzegorz and Karolina and it’s also located nicely in the central area of Warsaw.

Salsa Clasica is organizing Bachamore, a bachata practice every Thursday from 22.00 until 1.30 or so, in the Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki).

As mentioned,
in Bachamore they play 100% bachata and the floor is really good for dancing.

It’s a beautiful location and the level of dancers is generally high.
It costs 15zl if you enter before 22.20 and after that, you pay 20zl. Payments only in cash.

They sell some drinks at the door so if you forget your water bottle, don’t worry.

Discover all the bachata parties in Warsaw here.

Prices in Salsa Clasica:

For a single class in Salsa Clasica, you pay 40zl which is around 8,5 e.

With a 4-time card, you pay 32,5zl for one class, which is like 6.8euros.

Unlike the schools mentioned above, in Salsa Clasica you can also purchase a 6-time card, and with that, the price of a single class is 28,3zl which is around 6 euros.

With the 8-time card you pay 25zl for a single class and it’s only 5,30euros.

For monthly passes, they have options of 1, 2, and 3 months. For one month it’s 250zl and 53euros, but if you want to get 2 months it’s 450zl (95,5 euros) and for 3 months 600zl (127euros).

Location Salsa Clasica:

Juliana Bartoszewicza 5, 00-337 Warszawa, Poland

In case you want to level up faster your bachata,
you can book your bachata private class in Warsaw here.

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