Bachata parties in Madrid Spain

If you have been dancing for some time,
You may be already familiar with the “Madrid” step.

If you are new in town,
or simply have started dancing the bachata recently,
You probably may be asking yourself where I can dance bachata in this city.
We have you covered in this post.

Where to dance Bachata in Madrid

After a long day of museums, tapas and walking around the city,
Why not put into practice the Madrid step in the capital of Spain?

By the way,
This is the Madrid Step.

Jowke Latin

If you only need to know one place to dance bachata in the Madrid area,
The answer it is is simple – in Jowke.

This is the biggest venue, for social dancing in the province of Madrid.
Not only for bachata,
you can dance Salsa, Zouk and Kizomba too.

Joke is well-known for being the place to be, with the highest level of bachata social dancers.
You can find here,
local stars such as Cuellar Bachatero,
famous for his bachata video reviews.

I leave you here his review of the Jowke Latin Club:

When are the bachata parties in Jowke?

You can dance bachata on Wednesday Saturday and Sunday

How much does the party cost in Jowke?

The entrance is for 15EUR – including two soft drinks ,
or 20EUR including two alcoholic drinks payment is in cash.

When does the party start in Jowke?

This is Spain🇪🇸,
meaning every day has a different (rather late) schedule.

On Sundays , it is more like a “tardeo” vibe (afternoon),
while on the weekend days , it is more like a party vibe

How to reach out to Jowke?

Jowke is not in Madrid city, it is in Alcorcon.
20 km away from Madrid city centre.

You can reach out Jowke by car in around 20min,
and you can go by public transportation,
with metro and bus, around 35min

The address of Atrevete is: Av. San Martín de Valdeiglesias, 22, 28922 Alcorcón, Madrid

No worries about parking the car,
there is a big parking in the venue, free of charge

If you need more info about Jowke, this is their official facebook profile.

You are in Madrid and you want to take your bachata to the next level?
book your bachata private class in Madrid

Do I need to speak Spanish to “survive” in the bachata parties in Madrid?

Speaking Spanish is always a plus,
especially taking into account that most of the bachata songs have lyrics in Spanish.

Madrid is a city that no matter where you are from, will welcome you with the arms open, especially with foreigners.
Even though they may not be super fluent in English, they will try their best to make you feel at home.

Discover here some useful bachata vocabulary in Spanish.

FAQ Where to dance bachata in Madrid

Where can I dance bachata in Madrid on Wednesday?

You can dance bachata in Joke Latin, discover more tips in this post.

Where can I dance bachata in Madrid on Saturdays?

You can dance bachata in Joke Latin, discover more tips in this post.

Where can I dance bachata in Madrid on Sundays?

You can dance bachata in Joke Latin, discover more tips in this post.

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