Bachata relationships and partners

You’ve got this huge passion of yours,
and then there’s the person you’re head over heels for and might wanna be with forever,
your partner.

But damn it!
does your partner get all jelly whenever you hit up a bachata party?
do you start feeling bad about indulging in your hobby?
are you even considering giving up dancing just to keep the peace in your relationship?

Hold up a sec and really think about this, ’cause guess what?
This article is totally meant for you!

What to do if your partner doesn’t want you to dance bachata?

But before telling you the four steps to manage this situation with your partner,
let me tell you a real-life story.

There’s this woman,
I always run into her at every class, party, and festival.

This woman’s a ball of joy,
like seriously,
she’s grinning ear to ear like a kid on Christmas morning.
Not a single complaint from her,
and she’s all about that dancing life.

I couldn’t help but wonder what her deal was,
’cause she’s just too darn passionate about dancing.

Wanna take a wild guess?
Turns out, she stopped dancing for 10 years ’cause of her partner.

But guess what?
Now she’s back at it, reunited with his beloved hobby!

So, you obviously don’t want that happening to you, right?
But hey, you also don’t wanna end up clashing and breaking up with your partner.

It’s a really tricky situation, no doubt…

But fear not!
Here are three steps to help you navigate through this pickle:

  1. Have a heart-to-heart chat with your partner.
  2. Introduce your partner to your dance community
  3. Strengthen that bond with your significant other.

Have a conversation with your partner

Step #1, let’s dive into it!

The first and most crucial thing you gotta do is
and talk some more.

Did I say talk?. Yes, that’s what you need.

Yeah, I know,
it might get awkward, but trust me,
it’s essential to get to the bottom of this – this is only possible by talking.

Sit down with your partner and spill the beans on,
why dancing means the world to you.

Focus on the true reasons:

  • Does it help you forget the stress?
  • Boost your confidence?
  • Maybe you just adore the music and the Latin vibes?

No matter the reasons, be vocal and honest about what you like in dancing bachata.

Dig deep and find that real,
heartfelt reason why dancing holds such a special place in your heart, and share it with your partner.

Help them understand that dancing isn’t about getting all touchy-feely with others,
or trying to hook up (in some cases, it may be), it’s about something more meaningful to you.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

Step #2, try to see things from their perspective.

Imagine your partner watching you surrounded by attractive dancers,
getting all cozy on the dance floor with romantic tunes playing in the background.

To someone who’s not part of the dance world,
that might trigger some serious insecurities.

You know,
jealousy usually stems from feeling insecure.

So, get them to open up about their emotions and why they feel jealous, mad, or betrayed.

Maybe they feel left out because your dance world seems like a whole other universe,
making them feel like an outsider.

Or perhaps they’re afraid you might find someone else and leave them hanging.

they might even be uncomfortable with others touching you so intimately.

To better understand where they’re coming from,
ask them these three questions:

How does it make you feel when I go dancing?
What could I do to make you feel better about it?
What can we do as a couple to make it work both in the relationship and on the dance floor?

And here comes the crucial part—
listen, listen, and listen some more.

Let them pour their heart out,
and really try to get where they’re coming from.

Actively listening, showing them that you genuinely care about their feelings can make a world of difference in resolving this whole dancing dilemma.
So, get talking and keep those ears wide open! 🗣️👂

Include your partner in your dancing community

you’ve had that much-needed chat,
and now both of you get
why dancing is so important to you and why it makes your partner uneasy.

Step #3 Now, if your partner’s game to try a new hobby,
how about nudging them to join beginner classes?

It’s a sweet way for them to grasp what dancing is all about, and bonus—you can hit up those classes and parties together!

If your partner feels to shy to attend group classes,
you may want to consider by dancing at home.

Book an only course for beginners with bachata starts Igor y Rocio.

Buuuut, hold up!
Not everyone’s a fan of dancing,
so don’t go all pushy-pushy to get them into a dance school, alright?

If your partner isn’t keen on becoming a dancing pro, no sweat!

Think of other ways to make them feel part of your world.
Maybe you could all go out for dinner with your dance pals,
throw a party for your dance crew, or attend a bachata festival.

If your partner wonders what to bring to a bachata festival,
discover everything here.

Give your partner the chance to bond with your dance friends.

Why’s that so important?

Well, ’cause the unknown can be real nerve-wracking and leave us feeling all insecure.

Your partner might be cooking up wild ideas in their head,
picturing your dance buddies as smooth-talking flirts who just wanna get in your pants.

But once they actually meet ’em,
they’ll see that your dance crew are just regular folks, nothin’ shady going on.
Seeing is believing, right?

So, let your partner get to know your dance squad,
and it might just help them chill out and realize there’s nothing more than good ol’ friendship between you all. 🕺🤝💃

Boost the bond with your partner

Step #4 and last one,
now that you’ve had your dance talks,
and your partner might’ve even tried some classes and met your dance crew,
it’s time to focus on YOU.

Make sure your partner knows they’re the bee’s knees to you,
and shower them with love, affection,
and that special feeling of being wanted.

If both of you are certain about your feelings for each other,
there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

It’s cool to hit those dance parties,
but once in a while put your relationship first,
try swapping a party night for a sweet date night with your partner.

You don’t have to give up dancing altogether,
but it’s healthy to mix in some regular people stuff too,
like catching a movie, having dinner, or attending a regular party.

The key is finding that balance, you know?

So, keep dancing without forgetting about your relationship.

Now, let’s talk about the tough part…

If your partner still isn’t cool with your dancing even after all these steps,
you gotta take a moment and compare your values with theirs.

Maybe you’re just not a great fit,
or your ideas of a good relationship are too different.

Also, if your partner ain’t even trying to understand your hobby and what it means to you,
think about whether that’s the kind of person you wanna be with.
But remember,
you gotta be open to understanding their perspective too.

The most important thing is knowing that making this dance-and-relationship thing work will take some effort from both of you.

It might involve having tough conversations,
trying new things together, or giving up a few dance parties here and there.

In a nutshell:
Relationships require sacrifice from everyone involved,
that’s just the way it goes. 💑

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