Bill Ngo

From the US, growing up as a dancer in Switzerland,
and currently living in Munich.

That’s the case of today’s guest,
the great Bill Ngo (bachatabill)

As his IG bio says: “Dancing soon in a city near you”
if you find him on the dancefloor, make sure you invite him for a dance.
Interesting fact, he is acting both as a leader and as a follower.

Discover Bill’s beginnings in bachata,
how bachata changed his life,
and his favourite pro couple in this interview below.

Social dancing allows me to have a conversation with someone else,
without saying a single word.

Bill Ngo

Tell us about you

I’m from the US,
but dancing-wise that’s not so important.
I learned how to dance during the 4 years I was living in Switzerland,
and now I live in Munich, where I dance locally.

I work in IT Audit, but my passion and time all go to dancing.

Why did you decide to start dancing bachata?

I was dancing salsa before I could dance bachata.

Bachata songs are usually played at the salsa socials and the dance and music always looked so beautiful to me.

I kept saying I wished I could dance bachata,
and one day someone told me to just learn it then or continue sitting down when a bachata song came on.
The rest is history.

How long have you been dancing bachata?

I’ve been dancing bachata for 2 years now and I have been training intensely during this time.

Llearning from international artists,
practising body movement
and training regularly alone and with partners.

If you would have to define your bachata style in three words, which would be?

Musical, fun, and creative

What do you appreciate/enjoy the most in a social dance?

Social dancing allows me to have a conversation with someone else without saying a single word.

We talk about what we hear in the music and share our energy and musicality together,
and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to express the music you hear together with someone else, especially when you’re on the same wavelength.

How has bachata changed your life outside of the dance floor?

It’s changed my life outside the dance floor by taking it over!

Almost everything I do with my free time is related to dancing and I spend most of my time with other dancers.

I have many hobbies in my life from photography to playing the guitar,
but dancing is the first hobby I’ve found that I can call a true passion.

Doesn’t matter how many hours I spend on it or how hard I train, it’s all fun and motivating for me.

What would you change from the bachata social scene?

I would like the bachata scene to be more open.

The beautiful thing about bachata is that it’s such a fluid dance,
you can have any style you want and do almost anything you want to make the dance an extension of yourself.

Whether it’s Dominican, sensual, fusion, or whatever style, there is no such thing as “real” bachata.

Any dance that exists today evolved from something else to fit the people who dance it as they change along with the music that has also changed over the years.

The same goes for bachata.

Which advice would you give to someone who is starting bachata?

Just have fun.

The most important thing about dancing is that you feel good while you do it.

Learn proper technique to protect your and your partner’s bodies,
show empathy to the people in your community,
and always be respectful and patient.

The rest will take care of itself and your dance will go as far as your heart and motivation goes.

Which professional couple/individuals inspire you the most?

Daniel and Tom motivated me to seriously learn bachata.

I was so inspired and impressed when I watched their videos, I wanted to find out how I could dance like that one day.

Their style also influences the way I dance,
that is to always dance to the music and bring out all the musicality I hear in a song to create a unique experience every time.

If you would have to choose one festival, only one, which one would you choose?

Choosing a festival depends on the experience you’re looking for.

Whether it’s the vacation aspect, the level of dancing, the vibe of the festival, or the specific artists you want to see, each festival brings something different.

For me, Bachaturo was my favourite festival because of the high level of dancing,
the number of friends I had there,
and the great vibes on the dance floor.

What’s your favourite bachata song?

That changes over time,
but currently, it’s Asi Es La Vida by Enrique Iglesias and Maria Becerra.
The repeating intro is so groovy and gives you so many body movement opportunities.

Where can people find you?

Find me on Instagram @bachatabill and feel free to connect!

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