Best bachata online course for beginners

Ready to discover your new dancing passion?

Say hello to the bachata sensual world,
and start your new dance journey!

In the company of this Spanish-Moldaving dance duo,
Igor and Rocio,
embark on a thrilling 20-class adventure in this bachata online course for beginners.

Why pay for an online bachata course?

Not one,
not four,
but three reasons why to pay for this bachata online course:

  1. Top-level international teachers like Igor Y Rocio
  2. Go back to the course as many times as you need
  3. If you pay for the course, you will take it seriously ensuring your dancing progress

Would this course with Igor & Rocio be a great fit for you?

Of course!

Whether you’re a total newbie,
or seeking to refresh your bachata skills, this course is tailor-made just for you!

Igor y Rocio will start by guiding you through the absolute basics,
gradually introducing you to more intricate sequences,
setting you up for our amazing intermediate-level courses once you’ve grasped all the essential techniques.

From nailing the foundational bachata steps
to flowing with waves and body dissociation,
rocking those cool braces and hats,
and mastering twists and partner positions,
we’ve got it all covered!

Can I try for free some lessons for this course?

Of course,
we’re so confident in our course that we’re offering you a sneak peek, for free,gratis!

Try out the “First Lessons Bachata Beginners Course by Igor and Rocio,”
and if you love it (which we know you will),
you can buy the Best bachata online course for beginners here.

So, why wait any longer?
Unleash your inner bachatero effortlessly – it’s never been this simple!

Igor y Rocio – meet your teachers

This power couple,
Igor Rotaru and Rocío González, are silver medals in World Bachata Open,
and Bronze medals in the World Bachata Championship.

Can you think about better teachers to learn bachata?
We don’t think so.
They are the Messi and CR7 in the bachata world.

Their paths into the world of dance, however, couldn’t be more diverse.

For Rocío,
her artistic venture began with Figure Skating, competing regionally and nationally for eight impressive years. But in 2007, she traded her skates for dance sandals, delving into Latin and Ballroom Dancing.

On the other hand,
Igor’s acrobatic journey commenced in his home country, where he established himself as a prominent figure in this discipline.

He made it his mission to find the perfect dance partner to make a mark in the world of Bachata.

And that’s when fate intervened,
and Igor and Rocio’s paths intertwined, leading them to embark on an incredible, fruitful journey dedicated entirely to Bachata.

And the story continues,
reaching new heights and leaving their mark on the dance world.

The passion,
and magic
they bring to the dance floor are simply unmatched!

So, join Igor and Rocio in their captivating world of Bachata,
where dreams come to life,
and dance becomes an exhilarating art.

What will be covered during the course?

MODULE 1: Start Your Groove – Master the Most Basic Steps
Get your dance journey rolling with the fundamental steps of bachata. Perfect for beginners, this module sets the rhythm and gets you moving effortlessly!

MODULE 2: The Foundation of Perfection – Mastering the Technique
No matter your skill level, this module lays the groundwork with essential techniques. It’s the rock-solid base that elevates your dance prowess to new heights!

MODULE 3: Spin Like a Pro – Unraveling the Art of Turns
Time to add some twirls to your repertoire! Let’s dive into the world of turns, helping you gracefully rotate through your basic steps like a true bachata star!

MODULE 4: Embrace Sensual Bachata – Discover Your First Waves
Experience the allure of Sensual Bachata! This module unveils the characteristic movements that make this style captivating and addictive.

MODULE 5: Master Body Dissociation – Dance with Interpretive Flair In this module, you’ll unlock the secrets of body dissociation, mastering the art of isolating different body parts and expressing music like never before!

These modules are designed to transform you into a more confident and skilled dancer.
Get ready to rock the dance floor and unleash the bachatero within you!

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