Bob van Dijk

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing
one of the most elegant leaders in the bachata social scene.

We saw him for the first time in Rovinj in 2023,
and we fell in love with his style.

Let us introduce you,
all the way from the Netherlands,
the great Bob van Dijk (in IG bachatero_b)

I think this is my mission:
to make the follower feel safe, secure, free, sexy and happy.

Bob van Dijk

If there are three words to describe today´s guest would be:
Elegant, smooth and gentle.

Learn more about Bob,
his favourite festival
and his dance partner,
in the interview below.

Why did you decide to start dancing bachata?

I always wanted to learn salsa;
I think this came from my mother.

She used to play Latin songs at parties and at home.

At some point,
I just decided to start the course.

At my first social, I heard bachata and saw people dancing. I tried to copy their moves and dance.

I fell in love, with the music and the connection.
I was obsessed and my bachata adventures started

How long have you been dancing bachata?

I have been dancing bachata for 8 years now,
makes me feel old when I think about it haha

If you would have to define your bachata style in three words, which would be?

If I had to describe myself in three words I would say:
Gentle, smooth, dynamic.

What do you appreciate/enjoy the most in a social dance?

I love the connection,
and it makes me happy to see the followers enjoying it.

I think this is my mission:
to make the follower feel safe, secure, free, sexy and happy.

For myself, it brings me joy because, during the dance,
I can let go of my worries.

Besides that,
it fills my need to be seen, loved and appreciated.

How has bachata changed your life outside of the dance floor?

I feel more comfortable around people.

I was very insecure and introverted.
It was a big step to go to socials alone.

But by doing it,
it forced me to interact with strangers.

And with time,
I got more used to it.

What would you change from the bachata social scene?

That’s a hard one.

I think the scene can be a bit more safe for followers.

With this,
I mean the leading and following techniques.

Besides that,
I think there are also leaders who can start dancing with the wrong intentions.

the followers can learn more about creating boundaries.

Which advice would you give to someone who is starting bachata?

Make sure you have a good foundation.

Don’t go too fast.

It’s better to build on your basic techniques and slowly build from there.

Try to enjoy the journey and don’t expect that you can dance the same as you see on YouTube within 2 years, or even longer.

Which professional couple/individuals inspire you the most?

At this moment Gero y Migle are my favorite couple.

Their style, flow and musicality are perfect.

But we owe it all to Korke y Judith for creating this style.

Next to that my first good teachers Geno y Steffie from Bachata Passion.
They made sure my foundation was solid,
and made me love bachata even more.

If you would have to choose one festival,
only one, which one would you choose?

Hmmm, that’s hard.

For me now Croatia Sea Sensual Fest was the best ever.

But I would love to go to sensual week in Cadiz.
I heard that the best one ever.

What’s your favourite bachata song?

At the moment it is:
Tu no te imaginas from Gian Marco, debi Nova

Where can people find you?

Follow me on Instagram:
Bachatero_B and Bob_barbara_bachata.
We teach at Swing Latino.

Who would you like the next person to go through these questions?

Antonio laguna

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