Eduard Moreno

Let us introduce you,
all the way from Spain (and based in Warsaw, Poland)
the great Eduard Moreno (in IG memyselfanddance)

Since COVID,
I decided to take a break from nursing

and pursue that inner dream of becoming a bachata “artist”

Eduard Moreno

Talking about Eduard,
it is talking about human talent at the maximum level.

Not only a “maestro” in bachata,
but also a Hip-Hop instructor,
videographer and the most important thing, a good guy!

Learn more about Eduard,
his favourite festival,
and his favourite dance couple,
in the interview below.

Tell us about you

My name is Eduard,
I am originally from Spain but currently living in Warsaw, Poland. 

I don’t have much free time for socials,
but when I have it,
I like to go to the local parties in Warsaw, either Dos Mundos, Bachamore, Abra or the outside bachata parties by the river during summer.

I am a nurse but since COVID was a game-changer,
I decided to take a break from it and pursue that inner dream of becoming a bachata “artist”,
in order to give back to the community what I got from it for many years.

Why did you decide to start dancing bachata?

I was dancing hip-hop for many years back in my hometown
when life got adventurous and I ended up in the UK living in a very small town on the west coast of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.

Not knowing anybody there and being such a small town,
there was only one school to dance and it was for kids.

Somehow I managed to teach hip-hop at university as a free project so I could dance and teach and keep myself moving.

everything comes to an end and when I finished the project I had nowhere to go dancing to. What do I do now?
I asked myself.

I started looking for classes about salsa.

Yes, salsa.

As I did not know bachata yet,
I found a regular class on Mondays but I had to drive 1:30h to get there.

After 3 weeks of salsa,
my instructors suggested I try bachata in their classes on Tuesdays in a different city.

Now I had to drive for 2 hours but it sounded promising so I went the day after.
Then I tried bachata and guess what?
Then I fell in love with it.

How long have you been dancing bachata?

I started in 2019 with periods of being on and off because of the lack of classes around me and work.

If you would have to define your bachata style in three words, which would be?

Smooth, soft and groovy.

What do you appreciate/enjoy the most in a social dance?

What I appreciate the most in a social dance is
the fun,
the flow
and the playfulness.

the social media pressure
and the competitive scene made a lot of “performers” on the dance floor forget,
that it’s actually a social dance and not about who executes the best combo ever without working on the basics first.

How has bachata changed your life outside of the dance floor?

Right now,
I am more outside than inside since I have to focus my energy on other things.

When I was fully inside the bachata community,
It brought me joy,
network as well as a lot of tiredness and lack of sleep,

but it helped me to distress from my work life and be able to move my body which is really important.

So I would say that it helped me make my life a bit easier.

What would you change from the bachata social scene?

Uff, this can be a tricky question because right now in my opinion a lot of things would need to change in the scene.

Since I started,
the bachata community has changed in many aspects a few positive and a lot of negative.

I think this could be too long to answer and for sure very controversial.

Which advice would you give to someone who is starting bachata?

Focus on the fundamentals as long as it’s needed,
master the basics before jumping to the next level,
and make the dance floor a safe, healthy, respectful environment

Which professional couple/individuals inspire you the most?

Luis and Andrea by far,
not only as artists,
but also as instructors and as individuals outside of the scene.

If you would have to choose one festival,
only one, which one would you choose?

Hard to choose nowadays but if I have to focus on quality for learning and developing Sensual Week in Cadiz is the best by far.

If we choose to relax and have “a holiday vibe”,
then SeaSun Salsa/bachata in Rovinj,
and if I have to work in one I have the best treatment in Berlin,
in the xplosion_events ( Hari_bachata and his team)

What’s your favourite bachata song?

Hard question to answer with only one.

If we talk about bachata any old or new bachata song from Romeo Santos,
my top romantic bachata remix would be
Carlos Rivera – Como Pagarte by Dj Khalid,
a bachata remix that I can mix my styles with would be
Corazon sin Cara by Dj Piolo,
and as a traditional bachata, Anthony Santos – Se acabo el abuso.

Where can people find you?

People can find me on IG as @memyselfanddance, in Regular classes as well as private lessons in Warsaw and Lublin, workshops in Europe or as a guest dancer in events.

Who would you like the next person to go through these questions?

Cesar Ballesta

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