Jenn Lenz

Thinking about bachata, rolerotation and Berlin
is the same as thinking about
Jenn Lenz
(in IG: jenn_hundetrainerin)

Our today’s guest,
is coming all the way from the German capital.

She is not only a talented dancer,
but a passionate human about dog training and fighting for equality.

Discover how Bachata changed her life,
her favourite festival
(this is a nice surprise),
and the singer she loves dancing to.

Thanks to Bachata I have become more emotional and also more self-confident,
allowing me to have a better-work life balance and trave the world

Jenn Lenz

Why did you decide to start dancing bachata?

I started salsa 7 years ago.

I wanted to develop better body awareness,
learn to trust another person through dance
and express my feelings through dance.

I went to my first social at Soda Club Berlin after a year of dance lessons.

A dancer there showed me the Bachataroom.
I was immediately captivated by the music and the energy,
the movements and the variety of styles.

How long have you been dancing bachata?

6 years

If you would have to define your bachata style in three words, which would be?

Connection. Sensual. Rolerotation.

What do you appreciate/enjoy the most in a social dance?

Connection. Musicality. Playfulness. Rolerotation

How has bachata changed your life outside of the dance floor?

My circle of friends is now much larger and more diverse.
I have become more emotional and also more self-confident.

I have a better work-life balance and travel a lot more now.
You could also say that dancing has helped me to allow myself to be more myself.

What would you change from the bachata social scene?

More roleroation and therefore more awareness of the dance partner.
Fewer show dances and more fun dances.

Which advice would you give to someone who is starting bachata?

Look for a teacher who suits your style,
not a dance school.

Find a place where you feel comfortable and welcome.

Try to understand both roles from the start and, above all, have fun learning.

Which professional couple/individuals inspire you the most?

Felipe & Tiago and Elena & Dennis.

If you would have to choose one festival, only one, which one would you choose?


What’s your favourite bachata song?

At the moment I have no favorite song,
but I love to dance to Dani J Songs.

Where can people find you?

IG: jenn_hundetrainerin,
at every Bachata Explosion Event in Berlin,
at Elena & Dennis classes in Berlin,
sometimes I assist classes from Elena & Dennis,
and sometimes I assist Jenny at classes in Cumbancha or at Havanna

Who would you like the next person to go through these questions?

Dennis Boronowski

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