The Best Bachata Festivals in 2024

New year,
new resolutions,
and of course…
new Bachata festivals for 2024.

If you are yet about to plan your 2024 Bachata Festivals,
you can find here the top 12 festivals to attend in 2024.

Which festival to attend in January 2024

This is an easy decision-brainer,
if there is a Bachata festival in Barcelona,
that’s the place to be.

Scape from cold winter,
by dancing by the seaside in Barcelona.

Time for the Bachata Sensual World Congress 2024 (BSWC).

Impressive lineup with artists such as Marco y Sara, Korke y Judith, Pablo y Raquel, Kike y Nahir

Which festival to attend in February 2024

Did you enjoy Barcelona in January,
you will enjoy it even more in February.

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Soul Dance Bachata and Salsa Festival.

A festival combining Bachata and Salsa,
with international artists such as Ronald y Alba, Kike y Nahir, Igor y Rocio… and many more!

Which festival to attend in March 2024

You may want to rent an apartment in Barcelona now,
you guessed it right…
March is time for Barcelona too.
BCN Sensual family is waiting for you.

Already the temperature will be rising,
the same level of the line up.

With DJ York on the mix,
you can expect crazy parties together with international couples such as Luis y Andrea, Ronald y Alba, Carlos Espinosa… and many more!

Which festival to attend in April 2024

The Festival of Nations.
One of the rising stars in the Bachata Festivals Scene.

The Bachata Geneva Festival.
An amazing lineup with Marco y Sara,
and plenty of socials, workshops and parties.

Take your flag, and represent your nation.

If Switzerland is not exotic enough,
The Japan Bachata Sensual Festival 2024 by BMJ is waiting for you in the middle of April 2024.
Gero y Migle and the Japan bachata community are waiting for you.

Which festival to attend in May 2024

After some Spanish festivals.
Time to change a little bit.
Time to move to the capital of Germany,Berlin

Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Xplosion Ritmo Berlin Festival

Top DJs and top artists make the best mix in the lineup.

Which festival to attend in June 2024

The festival of the festivals.
If there is one festival you must attend,
it is this one.


The 2024 Summer Sensual Days

No need to convince you,
just go and buy the ticket.

BachataFests is a proud official promoter of this Festival,
using the PROMO CODE BachataFests you will get a discount on your ticket.

If one festival per month,
it is not enough.
You can find here the full calendar with all the upcoming festivals.

Which festival to attend in August 2024

One of the Grand Slams of the bachata world.
Bachaturo in Katowice, Poland is waiting for you.
More than 80 artists, 120 hours of workshops and a high level of social dancer,
with people from all around the world.

Which festival to attend in September 2024

If you are a beach person 🏖,
beautiful Greece and the island of KOS are waiting for you with the Bachata King Festival.

A 10-day festival full of pool, boat and beach parties is waiting for you.

If you are rather a mountain person 🏔,
Daniel y Desiree,
and the rest of the lineup are waiting for you in the Alpes Bachata Congress.

More than 30 hours of workshops, parties and socials.

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