The Best Bachata Scenes in Europe

If you are planning your next trip to Europe,
or simply you are living in Europe,
and you want to explore some of the bachata scenes across the continent.

This post is for you.
Discover the best cities where to dance bachata.

Which are the best cities to dance bachata?

That may be the question you are asking yourself, Which cities.

From the obvious, you would assume only Spain,
particularly Barcelona, Madrid or Malaga.

And you would be half-right.

there are many other cities that would surprise you with their high-level,
and the big bachata community.

Discover where are the best bachata scenes in Europe, with some surprises


This is a no-brainer.
If there is only one city to pick up in Europe, it would be Barcelona

The land of sensual bachata with Korke and Judith both based there,
qualifying many new Bachata Sensual instructors.

What makes Barcelona so special?
You can basically dance socially every day.
We are not exaggerating. Social is happening every day.

Discover all the bachata parties in Barcelona

Many pros are based in Barcelona,
you can find them in the socials and “test” your levels with them.

Local talents such as Mario Espizona, Masa Jose or Anna Lewandowska (yes, the famous wife of Robert Lewandowski) are often part of the Barcelona bachata scene.

Plenty of tourists visit the city every year,
many of them going for a weekend and staying in Barcelona due to the bachata scene.


“If you are looking for the best leaders go to Barcelona,
if you are looking for the best followers go to Warsaw

It may be a surprise to see Warsaw on the list,
but not really.

If you are into Bachata,
probably you have heard about big festivals such as El Sol or Bachaturo.
Do you know where they started?
Yes, we confirm you. In Warsaw, Poland.

What makes Warsaw a good bachata destination?
Similar to Barcelona,
you can basically dance socially every day.

Discover all the bachata parties in Warsaw

Big attention to the technique.
One word to describe the bachata community in Warsaw would be “technique”.

Passion for the dance, the language and the Latino culture.
You would discover many of the Polish bachateros speak a fluent third language: Spanish.

Local talents such as Julia Martowicz, Adriana Drozdowicz, Klaudia Perdek or Nikita Bubnov are often visitors of the Bachata Socials in Warsaw.


Talking about Vilnius,
it is talking about Azael Salazar.

Apart from being probably the nicest guy in the scene,
he has done a tremendous job building the bachata community not only in the city,
but across the country.

You would be surprised to know how many pro couples have been “raised” by Azael.

Of course, Azael and Sindi.

Discover all the bachata parties in Vilnius

But did you know half of Gero & Migle is coming from Lithuania?
Now you know.
Migle indeed is coming from Lithuania

Why going to Vilnius to dance is a good decision?
High level of both leaders and followers,
as a result of the classes led by Azael and his team in the Bachata Fever Studio.

Plenty of socials and parties during the week and weekend.

World class festivals – highly recommend the Vilnius Bachata Festival.

Local talents such as Sindin, Hasan Genin, Viktorija Motekunaite, Leo Cato …and many more!


One of the rising cities in Europe,
not only in the bachata scene but on many other fronts.

Everyone loves Malaga.
If you go, you will love it too.

Why Malaga should be on your bachata bucket list?

Good weather all year long (and good food)

The land of Dj Tony Pecino (you know the song “Tu me delatas”, he is the creator)

Good level of social, happening almost every day.

Discover all the bachata parties in Malaga

A big community of digital nomads and Expats, many of them dancing bachata.

A great mix of local and international culture.

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