Bachata private Classes Vilnius

Do you want to learn to dance bachata without looking like a robot?
You like to go out to dance the bachata. But you look awkward and only lose your shame when you’ve had so many drinks that you can’t tell the difference between Salsa or Bachata.

We can avoid that.

I can teach you how to dance bachata in a professional and easy way. Because…

You want to learn and have fun, right?

I give lessons to men.

Soon you will feel confident and you will be able to dance with other bachateras.

I am a professional teacher in the best dance schools in Vilnius and Lithuania, and I can only give private lessons to a small number of students.
I have only two spots left. The price is 60 EUR/hour.

Some questions you may have.

How can I book the class?

For booking the class – send an email to:

How much does the private class cost?

60 EUR / 1 hour.

How long does the private class last?

The class with last 60min (1 hour)

Where the class will be organized?

It will be in the centre of Vilnius.
We will align the timing and I will tell you the location.

If you have any doubt – this form.

    Why would you want to take private bachata classes?

    You will want to attend festivals like these ones, meeting new bachateras but not looking like a robot.

    Upcoming bachata Festivals

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    • World Bachata Meet Up! 2024
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    • Mallorca Latin Paradise 2024
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    FAQ Bachata Private Classes in Vilnius

    What are Bachata Private Classes?

    Bachata Private Classes are one-on-one dance lessons with a professional instructor, where you get personalized attention and learn at your own pace. It’s the best way to fast-track your bachata skills and impress your dance partner on the dance floor

    Who are Bachata Private Classes suitable for?

    Bachata Private Classes are suitable for anyone who wants to learn bachata, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills. Whether you’re shy or prefer to learn at your own pace, private classes offer a personalized approach to learning that’s tailored to your individual needsu003cbru003e

    How do I know if Bachata Private Classes are right for me?

    If you want to improve your bachata skills quickly and get personalized attention from a professional instructor, then Bachata Private Classes are right for you! Private classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace, get tailored feedback, and work on specific areas of their dancing. Plus, they’re a great way to gain confidence and have fun while doing it!u003cbru003e

    What are the benefits of taking Bachata Private Classes?

    Taking Bachata Private Classes has a ton of benefits! You’ll get personalized attention from a professional instructor, which means you’ll learn faster and more efficiently. You’ll also get tailored feedback that’s specific to your needs, so you can work on areas of your dancing that need improvement. Plus, private classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace and gain confidence on the dance flooru003cbru003e

    What should I wear to Bachata Private Classes?

    When it comes to what to wear to Bachata Private Classes, the most important thing is to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. You want to be able to focus on your dancing, not your clothes! Most people wear workout clothes or something similar, like leggings or joggers, with a t-shirt or tank top. As for shoes, wear something with a smooth sole that allows you to pivot easily, like dance sneakers or ballroom shoes. So, put on something comfy and get ready to dance your heart out in your private class!u003cbru003e

    What should I expect in my first Bachata Private Class?

    In your first Bachata Private Class, you can expect to get to know your instructor and discuss your dancing goals. Your instructor will then assess your current level and create a customized lesson plan tailored to your needs. You’ll work on basic steps and techniques, and your instructor will provide feedback to help you improve. Private classes offer a personalized approach to learning, so expect to receive plenty of one-on-one attention and guidance. Don’t worry if you’re nervous – private classes are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident! So, book your first private class now and get ready to take your dancing to the next level!u003cbru003e

    Do I need a partner for Bachata Private Classes?

    No, you don’t need a partner for Bachata Private Classes! Private classes are one-on-one lessons with a professional instructor, so you’ll get all the attention you need to improve your dancing skills. Your instructor can act as your partner, or they may have a dance assistant available to dance with you. Either way, you’ll get the personalized attention you need to become a better dancer and have fun while doing it! So, don’t worry if you don’t have a dance partner – book your private class now and get ready to improve your bachata skills!