What to take to a bachata festival

The time has arrived!

After a few months of lessons,
and turns.

Either someone convinced you,
either you made your mind and you decided to go to your first bachata festival.

This is it; you are going! Game on

you are not certain about what to take to a bachata festival.

No worries, we will cover in detail in this post, what to take to a bachata festival.

Festival pass

No pass, no party!
Make sure you have your ticket with you.

In some festivals, for example Bachaturo in Poland, it is mandatory to bring the ticket printed,
otherwise you may need to pay a fee.

Get prepared.

We are not joking, literally, if you don’t take your pass with you prior the festival,
you may risk facing a sold out and not being able to join the festival.

Discover here all the best upcoming festivals,
where you can buy tickets with discounts.


Clothes to attend the workshops and socials.

You can think of a gym-look outfit.
Comfy pants, leggings, tops (and in some cases jeans)

First of all, check if there is any theme party, so you make sure you do the shopping prior the festival.
During the evening parties, can get very hot.

Make sure you bring to the venue, few more tops/t-shirts so you can get changed and stay fresh.

If you will be attending summer festivals like Rovinj or Dubai,
there will be many pool and boat parties – make sure you are well prepared.
(do not forget to put on some suncream)

You were almost forgetting about it, right?
Make sure you include some comfy clothes for a proper rest after an intense day dancing.

You can bring some shorts, t-shirts and even a facemask.


You should consider to bring at least three different type of shoes:

Dancing shoes:
This is a must.

how do you expect to shine on the dance floor without the dancing shoes you have been practicing so much?

The best way to attend the workshops, walk around the city or even do your daily workout.
A good pair of sneakers will always be a good choice.

Flip flops
Helpful both for the swimming pool/boat party and even for walking around the hotel/apartment.

Hygiene kit

“There is only one chance to make a first impression.”

Especially in social dancing, when you are dancing very close to your partner.
Make sure you feel fresh.

Must elements to include in your hygiene kit:

  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo (travel size)

Ensure you are having productions not larger than 100ml, in case you don’t want to face issues in case you are going through security controls in the airports.

Documentation and medical insurance

“Nothing happens until it happens”.

Meaning if you are travel abroad,
make sure you are having your medical insurance in place,
so you can avoid last minute surprises ($$$) in case something happens.

Hopefully nothing will happen, but just in case. Better to be well prepared.

Remember: If you are an EU citizen, with the European sanitary card, you will be covered in case of any incident in another EU country.

PRO TIP: Google forums of expats living in the city, and check/ask which is the best medical insurance, as normally “locals” have the best info what to book.

Must elements to include in your hygiene kit:

  • Passport
  • ID
  • Driving license (in case you have it)
  • Medical insurance


“A festival without recording and posting videos, it is not a festival.”

As many people say, the festival may last few days,
but the memories you get out of recording your social dances, will last forever.

Make sure you bring with you,
your smartphone and your charger.

If you are a heavy user of your smartphone,
you may want to consider bringing with you a power bank.

To summarize:

  • Smartphone
  • Camera
  • Charger
  • Power bank
  • In case you have (Speaker,Spotlight, Selfie stick, GoPro …)

First Aid Kit

In case you have any regular medication,
make sure you take it with you, so you manage to “survive” while being abroad.

Other elements you may want to consider including in your First Aid kit:

Ibuprofen/Paracetamol (in case of flies)
Compeed for blisters
Extras: Protection (try to behave well! 😀 )

Baby Powder

In big festivals,
for example Rovinj – discover all about Rovinj in this eBook – the floor can get very sticky,
making it very difficult to spin and turn.

One easy trick to “fix” the sticky floor,
it can be pouring baby powder into the floor.

Thanks to this white powder (still talking about baby powder),
you will be able to nicely spin and shine on the dance floor.


Big festivals normally mean big speakers, so it can get very loud.

In more and more festivals,
you may notice people wearing something in their ears.

Do you know what that is?
Special earplugs for concerts – you can find them here in Amazon.

And no worries,
you will be able to list to all the accents without any issue.

Why are we recommending earplugs for festivals?
There are many cases of famous DJs who ended up deaf, due to long exposure to loud sounds.

Not to scare you, but protecting your ears from loud sounds can be a smart decision to make.

Pool towel & Suncream

If you will be travelling to a festival in Norway in December,
most likely you will not need a towel for the swimming pool or the beach.

In any other case,
worth to always include in your luggage a Pool Towel
(like the ones that you can buy in Decathlon).

They take very little space,
and you will not need to use the towels from the apartment/hotel/hostel.

Considering the amount of dancing in the festivals,
you may be having at least two showers a day, so for sure you don’t want to run out of clean towels.


Make sure you bring with you a small bag.
You can include there all the basics you would need for the day.

For example:
Clothes to change, a sweater if it gets cold, a towel , water , suncream, some snacks to charge after the workshops

Snacks and protein bars

A body that is properly eating , it is a healthy body.

Try to eat often, so you will allow your body to perform at the highest level.

Consider taking with you some snacks, fruits and protein bars.

Good attitude

And finally, try to bring to the festival the best version of yourself.

Few elements to consider:

Be open – Explore and dancing with people who are beyond your close group of friends.

Don’t judge – remember that one point in time you were also a beginner.

Be respectful with others – if someone rejects you for a dance, it is okay. Don’t let that ruin your night

Adjust your level – if you are dance with beginner , do not overcomplicate it. Keep it simple

Smile – It costs nothing and can make the other person feel very much relaxed while dancing.

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