Sexy dance private Classes Warsaw

Do you want to feel sexy the way you are?
Do you want to look sexy while staying classy?
or simply do you want to “surprise your partner” after a romantic date?

I can help you with that.

I can teach you how to dance sexy, without looking vulgar.

I give lessons only to women.

Soon you will feel confident with yourself,
with your body,
and with your dancing style.

I am a professional teacher in the best dance schools in Warsaw,
and I can only give private lessons to a small number of students.

I have only two places left. The price is 255PLN/hour.

Some questions you may have.

How can I book a private sexy dance class?

For booking the class – send an email to:,
(include in the subject of the email: Sexy dance private Classes Warsaw), or fill in the form below.

How much does the private class cost?

255PLN/1 hour. (55 EUR)

How long does the private class last?

The class with last 60min (1 hour)

Where the class will be organized?

It will be in the centre of Warsaw.
We will align the timing and I will tell you the location.

If you have any doubt – this form.